Babyliss Curl Secret 2 Reviews 自動捲髮器 手殘的救星

之前在網路上偶然間看到 Babyliss 捲髮器的廣告影片,影片請點我
我心想:天啊也太神奇了,不用自己動手捲的電棒!! 於是就立馬也訂購了一台
Babyliss 捲髮器
25 mm、35 mm可拆式捲髮槽

I was amazed when I came across the Babyliss hair curler video clip on the Internet. Video click here
I thought: Cool, it’s so amazing! It automatically rolls up your hair!! So I immediately ordered one!
I bought a dual-use Babyliss hair curler.
It includes:
Babyliss curler
25 mm & 35 mm curl chambers

捲髮器有三種溫度可以選:190℃、 210℃、 230℃
三種定時設置: 8 秒、10 秒、12 秒
三種方向控制:向左捲、向右捲、 自動(一圈左一圈右)

To exchange curl chamber: Just simply press both sides of the curl chamber and remove it. Then replace to the other one.
There are 3 heat settings: 190℃, 210℃, 230 ℃
3 timer settings with audio bleep indicator: 8 seconds, 10 seconds, 12 seconds
3 curl directions: clockwise, counter-clockwise, auto ( alternates the curl direction each time )

8 秒  + 低溫可以做出很慵懶大波浪
10 是柔和的浪漫捲度
12 秒 + 高溫會有明顯持久的捲髮
Auto 方向控制的功能對於初學者是很方便的設計,機器自動幫你調好,不用怕自己捲出來的頭髮不自然

8 seconds + low temperature: can make loose natural looking curls.
10 seconds: makes soft romantic waves.
12 seconds + high temperature: makes significantly lasting curls.
You can change the settings whatever you feel like.
Auto direction setting is a convenient design for beginners so you don’t have to worry about unnatural hair curls because it automatically alternates the curl direction for you.

1. 頭髮要全乾並且梳直不打結 
2. 髮槽卷軸朝向頭皮
3. 取一指寬的頭髮放到捲髮槽裡
4. 夾起捲髮器把手,頭髮自動吸入到髮槽裡
5. 燙完會有快速嗶嗶聲想,把捲髮器鬆開完成囉

How to use it? It’s very simple
1. Ensure hair is completely dry and combed through.
2. The curl chamber facing towards the head.
3. Take one finger wide hair amount into the curly chamber.
4. Close the handles together to allow the hair to be drawn into the curl chamber.
It will stop and make beeping sound if too much hair at a time. Just take out the hair gently and redo again.
The chamber inside is designed quite smooth and hair won’t be much tangling up.
5. Quick beep sound indicate it finishing the  curling.  Release the the handles fully.

上圖我試用 35 mm、210℃、8 秒的設定
方向控制選 Auto

In  the picture above: I tried with 35 mm, 210℃, 8 seconds setting
Curl direction: Auto
It creates natural loose big size curls

下圖嘗試 25 mm、230℃、12 秒
方向控制選 Auto

In  the picture below: Try again with 25 mm, 230℃, 12 seconds
Curl direction: Auto
It creates consistent medium size curls.


Because the ceramic chamber is heated up internally, so you won’t immediately scald yourself if you accidentally touch it. Which is not like curling wands.
But do not try to hold the heating chamber, it still can burn you!
Ionic Frizz-Control also smooth the curls nicely.


Overall reviews:
I would recommend Babyliss Curler to the beginner of using curling wands or person who often scalds yourself or have trouble with curling directions. And also recommend to person who has thin hair.
I would not recommend anyone who already is used to curling wands. Because the ceramic chamber couldn’t take too much amount of hair at a time. Therefore it takes much longer to finish your hair style than the curling wand. And person who has thick hair or long hair probably needs more time to make the curls done.

各大購物網站都可以找的到,上網搜尋 Babyliss 即可

Where to get?
It can be found on amost every major shopping websites
Taiwan official website
German official website

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